Vol. 13 No. 1 (2016): June, 2016

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  • A Systematic Literature Review on Segmentation and Recognition of Printed Bangla Characters
    Umme Hafsa Billah and Muhammad Asif Hossain Khan
    Abstract PDF
  • A comprehensive survey of code offloading mechanisms for mobile cloud computing
    Mohammad Erfan , Bidoura Ahmad Hridita, Mohammad Shoyaib, and Md. Shariful Islam
    Abstract PDF
  • A Scenario Based API Recommendation System Using Syntax and Semantics of Client Source Code
    S. M. Shahnewaz, Husne Ara Rubaiyeat, Hasan Mahmud, Md. Kamrul Hasan
    Abstract PDF
  • RIFE-MAC: Fair and Efficient Medium Access Control for IEEE 802.11 Based Wireless Mesh Networks
    Ashraful Alam Khan, Mahmudun Nabi, Abdullah-Al-Tariq, and Muhammad Mahbub Alam
    Abstract PDF
Published: 2016-06-30