Information For Authors

Original research papers on engineering and technology can be submitted to the Journal on the understanding that the work has not been published previously in whole or part and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. There is no limit on the length of papers. Authors are encouraged to be concise.

For general information about preparing technical manuscripts, it must contain experimental or analytical or numerical results with proper validation and for the papers on technical studies, it must contain some survey reports and some references for survey reports.


Manuscripts (other than those that are of insufficient quality or unlikely to be competitive enough for publication) will be reviewed and a decision typically returns to the authors within one month. Manuscripts with significant results will be reviewed and published at the highest priority and speed. Possible decisions on manuscripts are: accept as is, minor revision, major revision, or reject. Revised manuscripts should be returned within 1 week in the case of minor revision, or 3 weeks in the case of major revision.

The review process

The journal has a fixed list of reviewers, and the review process is double blind involving at least two reviewers for each manuscript evaluation. At present, the steps involved in the review process employed by the JET is as follows:

  1. The Managing Editor receives a manuscript submitted by the author(s).
  2. The Managing Editor identifies the relevant area/discipline of the manuscript and invites the relevant Division Editor to verify the relevance and check the scope of the manuscript with that of the JET. If matched, the peer-review process commences.
  3. The concerned Division Editor dispatches a request to the Editor-in-Chief for nominating two/three reviewers with relevant domain expertise.
  4. The reviewers are requested to scrutinize the manuscript and present their verdicts, questions, and comments based on the supplied evaluation form (see Appendix 2) and return it within the specified time.
  5. The Editor-in-Chief, Division Editor, and the Managing Editor arrange a formal meeting to scrutinize the reviewers’ comments (evaluation form) to assess the merits of the paper and reach a common conclusion on the manuscript’s suitability and quality to be selected for publication. The editorial committee, after the meeting, may act on any one of the followings:
    1. The manuscript is accepted for publication without any amendment;
    2. The author/s are requested to respond to the queries raised by the reviewers, which could be either minor revision or major revision;
    3. A rejection letter is issued and send to the communicating author.
  6. In case of minor revision, the queries and comments made by the reviewers are communicated to the author(s) to respond with a revised manuscript and a response report within a specified time. Upon receiving the revised paper, the editorial committee may take any one of the following decisions:
    1. The resubmitted manuscript is accepted for publication;
    2. Send to the reviewers for their final judgment. If the reviewers do not raise any further issues, the manuscript is considered to be accepted for publication.
  7. In case of major revision, the author/s are advised to clarify the concerns that are raised by the reviewers and respond in due time. Upon receiving the revised paper, the reviewers are requested to check the author/s revised manuscript along with responses to their queries/comments through the same evaluation form. After receiving the evaluation form, the editorial committee may act on any one of the followings:
    1. The revised manuscript is accepted for publication;
    2. A rejection letter is issued and send to the author/s.
  8. The accepted papers are placed at the editorial board meeting to obtain the final approval for publication and subsequently, an acceptance letter is issued and sent to the author/s.

Format for Submission

Authors can format their papers in any convenient style for submission and review purpose. Please embed figures and tables in the manuscript to become one single file for submission. Select the paper setup for A4/Letter with convenient margin and must check whether it is printable without any error on margins. Please submit paper with a prescribed form which is available in website. (Download prescribed form)

Format for Publication

Title, Author, Abstract

The first page should include the article title, author's name(s), affiliation(s) with complete addresses, corresponding author's phone/fax number and email address. Abstract should be no more than 250 words with no citation to references. In first part of abstract will contain brief description of procedure and second part will contain results and so on.  Please provide 5-6 keywords after the abstract.

Math Formulas and Symbols

Simple mathematical formulas should be constructed using superscript, subscript, italic, and symbols in the Microsoft Word.

  • Use symbols in the Fonts: (normal text) or Symbol fonts. To insert a symbol, use Insert/symbol in the Word menu.
  • Insert drawing or pp picture or jpeg picture by the menu like: Insert>Object>Create from files>Browse file name.

Example of a sample paper format

Please download the sample format to control format like title, heading, sub heading, conclusion, acknowledgement and references. (Download Sample paper)