Vol. 14 No. 1 (2018): December, 2018

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  • Performance Comparison of Feature Descriptors in Offline Signature Verification
    ABM Ashikur Rahman, Md Redwan Karim, Rafsanjany Kushol and Md. Hasanul Kabir
    Abstract PDF
  • Towards A Smartphone Based Lifelogging System for Reminiscence
    Md. Abed Rahman, A. M. Esfar E Alam, Md. Hasan Mahmud and Md. Kamrul Hasan
    Abstract PDF
  • Computational investigation of pulsatile blood flow through sinusoidal stenoses of varying lengths
    Md. Abdul Karim Miah, Ifat Rabbil Qudrat Ovi, Nasimul Eshan Chowdhury, Shorab Hossain, and Md. Nurul Absar Chowdhury
    Abstract PDF
  • Printed Bangla Character Image Segmentation: A Font Invariant Approach
    Muhammad Asif Hossain Khan, Anindya Sundar Paul and Muhammad Jawad Iqbal
    Abstract PDF
  • Fingertip Detection and Finger Identification Approach for Hand Gesture Recognition using Microsoft Kinect
    Ahmed Al Marouf, Md. Kamrul Hasan and Hasan Mahmud
    Abstract PDF
Published: 2018-12-31