Vol. 6 No. 1 (2007): June, 2007

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  • Content Based Searching Framework in Super PeerP2P Network
    Muhammad Nazrul Islam, Md. Ashiqul Islam, Imam Jafar Shadaque, Md. Razib Hayat Khan
    Abstract PDF
  • Natural Convection in a Vee-corrugated Square Enclosure with Discrete Heating from below
    Goutam Saha, Sumon Saha, Mohammad Ali, Md. Quamrul Islam
    Abstract PDF
  • Optimization of Blank Holding Force in Deep Drawing Process by Fuzzy Logic
    S.L. Mahmood, N. A. Chowdhury, A.U. Patwari, M. H. Banna, M.R. Hossain
    Abstract PDF
  • Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Shock Strength on Normal Shock/Homogeneous Turbulence Interaction
    Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Kazuyoshi Takayama
    Abstract PDF
Published: 2007-06-30