Vol. 7 No. 2 (2009): December, 2009

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  • Parallel Miniature Heat Pipes: The Silent Way to Manage Desktop Thermal Problems
    Chowdhurv Md. Feroz and Ahmed lmtiaz Uddin.
    Abstract PDF
  • Outage Analysis of Multi-hop Parallel Relay Networks
    B. Barua, M.Z.I. Sarkar and Nipu Kumar Das
    Abstract PDF
  • Performance Enhancement in Media Access Control (MAC) layer protocol on Wireless Sensor Network
    Abu Raihan Mostofa Kamal, M. Aminul Islam, Md. Khaled-Ur-Rahman and Md. Zubairul Islam
    Abstract PDF
  • Object-Oriented Hydro Information System (OHIS) for the Estimation and Visualization of Vegetation Water Content
    S. Shams and J. Huang
    Abstract PDF
  • A Study of Performance of a Box-type Solar Cooker with and without Booster Reflectors
    A. K. M.Iqbal Hussain
    Abstract PDF
Published: 2009-12-31