Vol. 9 No. 2 (2011): December, 2011

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  • Experimental and Numerical investigation of Shock/Turbulence interaction by Hot-wire Technique
    Mohammad Ali Jinnah
    Abstract PDF
  • Development of a User-friendly Integrated CNC System Part Program Generation Software Focusing on Various Turning Operation
    Ahmed Sayem and Md. Anisul Islam
    Abstract PDF
  • Performance of a Small Window Type Air Conditioner using a Thermostatic Expansion Valve and a Capillary Tube
    Rakib lmtiazZaman and A.K.M. Iqbal Hussain
    Abstract PDF
  • Experimental Studies on Multi-bladed S-shaped Vane type Rotor
    Z. Afroz, M.Q.Islam and M. Ali
    Abstract PDF
  • The Time Mean Velocity and Temperature Fields in Developed Region in an Asymmetrically Heated Smooth Square Duct
    A.K.M. Abdul Hamid, A. R. Akanda and M.A. Taher Ali
    Abstract PDF
Published: 2011-12-31