Vol. 11 No. 1 (2013): June , 2013

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  • MHD Free Convection Flow along a Vertical Wavy Surface with Linear Variation of Thermal Conductivity and Reciprocal Variation of Viscosity with Ternperature
    Nazma Parveen and M. A. Alim
    Abstract PDF
  • An Experimental Investigation of Bio-Diesel Properties from Mustard Oil With and Without Trans-Esterification Reaction
    A. K. Azad, S. M. Ameer Uddin and M. M. Alam
    Abstract PDF
  • An Experimental Study of Heat Transfer and Friction in Turbulent Flow through the Smooth Square Duct
    A.K.M. Abdul Hamid, M.A. Taher Ali and A. R. Akhanda
    Abstract PDF
  • Vision Inspired Adaptive Local Ternary Pattern for Face Recognition and Verification
    Md. Iftekharul Alam, Mohammad lbrahim, Ilumayun Kayesh, Shah Mostafa Khaled, Muhammad Mahbub Alam, Mohammad Shoyaib
    Abstract PDF
Published: 2013-06-30